«IB GROUP Co., Ltd.» jointly with Italian company «ОTTI Snc» designs and develops innovative equipment for the production of chocolate, compound, complex shortbread biscuits and sweets and also for the cocoa processing.

«ОTTI Snc» company is the market leader in designing of confectionery equipment and industrial design, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art innovative components and software for IB GROUP.

IB GROUP is the manufacturing partner of «OTTI Snc», carries out sales, assembly and technical service and maintenance of confectionery equipment around the world.

IB GROUP and ОTTI Snc. jointly supply worldwide turn-key solutions for the production of different types of biscuits, chocolate production and processing of cocoa.

Range of biscuit depositors includes machines with the width from 600mm to 1200mm, which meets the demands of both small enterprises and large factories

Range of manufactured bakery depositors enable us to meet all demands of biscuit production: biscuit depositors DUO 600 and TRIO 600 can be equipped with wire-cut device or diaphragm shutter and accordingly, produce complex biscuits with fillings, two-coloured and three-coloured biscuits, wire-cut biscuits, shortbread biscuits, plait-shaped biscuits, guillotine cut pies with different fillings and other types of deposited, wire-cut and diaphragm-cut biscuits, mooncakes and pies.

Industrial biscuit depositors with the width of 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm is designed not just for the production of deposited two-coloured and three-coloured biscuits and biscuits with fillings, but also for wire-cut two-coloured biscuits with fillings.

Broad range of the produced types of biscuits, high capacity and high reliability of the biscuit depositor machines enable our customers to solve all tasks of biscuit production.


IB GROUP is an international manufacturer of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment.

IB Group manufactures broad range of grinding ball mills for chocolate industry, ball mills for cocoa processing, equipment and turn-key solutions for the production of cocoa, chocolate, compound, fat and nut pastes, spreads, confectionery products:

  • Grinding ball mills for chocolate- OPTIMA 1000, OPTIMA 2000, OPTIMA 300, OPTIMA COMPACT 600;
  • Dosing automatic stations and mixers for chocolate- Premixer 700, Premixer 900, conch-machines for chocolate of different capacity and volume, chocolate pumps;
  • Fat melting tanks, tanks for chocolate processing and storage.

IB Group manufactures superior chocolate production and cocoa processing lines with capacity from 5 tons to 200 tons per day.

Chocolate production machines and cocoa processing machines are manufactured in full conformity with quality standards and food safety standards.